Kunstverein Kunst im Hafen, Duesseldorf
21.10.2020- 26.11.2020

If, running, we were recorded from a distance, and our observer zoomed in on us with a cellphone, it would seem that the specter spinning in the opposite direction is blundered and passing us, accelerates.Telos is an old factory. It has a very good iron skeleton that will be the base of fancy apartments. It is not at all heavy and unmovable. It races us every time the deadline is near. The end of our run-up and apparent struggle with the building, which is the backdrop for our work, is the moment of precipice. The state between the run-up and the precipice is the jump.

Klaus U. Hilsbecher,  C.U. Frank


Małgorzata Biłuńska, Inken Boje, C.U. Frank, Klaus U. Hilsbecher, Emilia Kina, Kamil Kuzko, Hiroyuki Masuyama, Dejan Sarić, Justyna Smoleń
Michał Sroka, Anna Tatarczyk, Bartek Węgrzyn