1.05,2020 - 31.05.2020

The pandemic has frozen cultural activities. Closed cultural institutions, galleries, art spaces have caused some activity to move online. The holes in the anti-crisis shields, the promise of creative scholarships and "on the web" projects will not meet the needs of either the artist(s) or the audience. Artists/artists work all the time and wait - as do viewers and audiences - for a return to normalcy.

The government has lifted restrictions on movement, but we will spend the May weekend in the city anyway. Krakow, which has long been transformed mainly for tourism in the wake of the pandemic, has become a city of grocery stores, drugstores and pharmacies. It's possible to walk around it, but really what for?

Over the May weekend, artists will turn the city into a gallery using their windows, balconies and public spaces. Following the example of other such initiatives, Krakow will be turned into an exhibition for spectator-walkers and spectator-walkers, a means of expression for artists who are as silent as ever. All the more reason to talk about, protest and get pissed off or just have fun.

A celebration of artistic work in a celebration of work in a world without work!

iza Zawadzka, Kamil Kuitkowski

Agata Biskup, Agata Kus, Anka Pichura, Bogdan Achimescu, Bogusław Bachorczyk, Grzesiek Mart, Iwona Demko, Joanna Kaiser, Joanna Pawlik, Joanna Sitarz, Justyna Smoleń, Kasia Szymkiewicz, Katarzyna Olma, Katarzyna Wyszkowska, Katarzyna Żeglicka, Konrad Żukowski, Litograf- Justyna Mazur, Łukasz Stokłosa, Magdalena Kościsz, Magdalena Lazar, Małgorzata Markiewicz, Michał Sroka, Monika Drożyńska, Pamela Bożek Radek Szlęzak, Tomasz Prymon